We have the best used saddles at unbeatable prices

For those who are looking for stools that have good properties, Equitack is the professional to join. Indeed it is a specialist of the used saddles and it offers the customers very good plans. On the site all the proposals are enticing and the proposed price is much lower than at other dealers and of course lower than the new accessories.

The characters of a good used saddle

Even used, a saddle must contain all the characteristics of a safe equipment. It should be noted that there are various criteria which must be respected in this matter such as the size of the saddle which must not be too small, the consistency of the leather which must necessarily be solid but flexible. The saddle is a key accessory that must be modeled in relation to the form of the rider's person and the stallion. In short, these criteria are essential to ensure that the accessory is comfortable and safe. In general, these characters are found in the fine used saddles sold by Equitack. Professional teams carefully selected all the stools to be sold. And these same specialists will also be able to advise customers on the model that suits them. Besides, there is no danger in buying his saddle at Equitack given the professionalism of the whole team.

The right budget for a saddle

Normally, a quality saddle is very expensive when purchased from brand resellers. They often belong to large brands. A budget of less than 8 thousand Euros is needed to get one. To remedy this excessive expense, Equitack gives an offer that no one can refuse with stools at less than half the normal cost in labels shops. The specificity is that these are saddles of second hand. This does not detract from the good characteristics and performance of this equipment. This can even be a great benefit for apprentices and beginners. So there's no reason that keeps customers from enjoying bargains.

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