Horse riding through Britanny: a guide for using french used saddles

Horse riding is a favorite activity for people living in Brittany or tourists. In fact, the practice has endured for centuries of stories. Various breeds of horses are present in Brittany. Horse racing is an ancestral tradition in the country. To mount saddle accessories such as saddles are essential to ensure safety and comfort. Several french used saddles are available for all your equestrian activities. But how to use French saddles?

How is riding in Brittany?

Equestrian tourism has become a very popular activity in Brittany. Thus, it is important to have a horse to fully enjoy your travels. In particular, to practice hikes on circuits or to take a walk on the beach. Thus, tourists can discover varied landscapes and various monuments. Moreover, the city is famous thanks to equestrian sports, including various international awards received for years. The region is pioneering in traditional horse racing. Horse racing is also very famous in Brittany. Indeed, several racetracks are present in the city organizing more than 700 races each year. Thus, equestrian activities are sources of employment and not negligible from an economic point of view.

How to be comfortable with French saddles?

The French saddles are very famous from a design point of view and for their quality of remarkable finishes. The accessory is designed with precision to the millimeter for the well-being of the rider and the horse. To be comfortable, it is important to choose, according to your equestrian activities. Indeed, there are several types of saddle adapted for each activity as mixed, obstacle, dressage or hike. The accessory must allow the rider to grip the horse with the legs. It should also take into account the morphology of the horse especially the tourniquet. The opening of the equipment must be based on it. For horses with larger sizes, the opening should be quite narrow. With the shoulders melted, the opening must be wide.

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