Equitack, the saddles paradise

You are a great lover of riding and you like to practice it from time to time? That's why you decided to buy saddles to extend the moments of pure happiness that you have dedicated to you and your horse.

How to make the right choice ?

Yes the choice of the saddle is a very important step which one must not neglect. To help you decide, you can start by asking yourself what type of discipline you want to start, because each saddle has its own specificity. You can first use saddles that are made for trekking. These are stable and will allow you to feel comfortable while riding the animal. The latter have a long hollow seat with excellent padding, which will allow you to adopt your favorite sitting position. With this seat, your weight will be very well distributed throughout the body of your stallion allowing him to gallop freely. If you are doing obstacle races then you should opt for saddles of quarters that will allow you to keep balance when jumping your horse. If you choose a leather riding saddle then you will be sure of its longevity. These are also useful if you are riding intensively and riding from one horse to another.

Equitack: the stool paradise

You have the choice between going to a shop that sells riding equipment or placing your order online when buying a saddle. However, thanks to the advent of the internet, you can place your order online on equestrian sites such as The latter sells saddles of horses of all kinds. It will be impossible for you not to find your happiness because it sells articles of horses of the first mark. You will also have the opportunity to chat with a very experienced team who will advise you on the choice of saddle you plan to buy. You will also benefit from some extra tips like daily maintenance of the saddle to ensure longevity.

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