When can you start to ride a foal ?

Horseback riding is an activity that is both fun and sporty. It not only to establish contact with an animal, in this case an equine, but also to practice a noble sport. Like most activities like this, it can be practiced by both adults and by children.

At what age can you ride a horse?

In most equestrian centers, almost half of the subscribers are children under 12 years. To ride a horse, the age requirement is 5 years minimum. However, we can find in equestrian centers, areas for younger (children under 5). For all these children, often between 18 to 48 months, it is to learn the basics of riding young horses, foals or ponies for some others. This baby section allows particularly younger to become familiar with animals, especially horses. This early contact is a real benefit to your child. In addition, ponies and foals mounts are adapted to the morphology of children of 18 months to 4 years. You can find a suitable equipment at

The benefits of riding for children

Horseback riding as soon as possible has enormous benefits both physically and mentally. The connection between the animal and the children can develop in children the respect and the sense of responsibility. Indeed, it must learn how to take care of his mount (brushing) and how to agree with it. Riding develops inter alia endurance, balance and concentration of the young rider. Almost all the body muscles are solicited during a riding session.

Mentally, the horse can play an important role in the balance and good psychical health of the child. Moreover, there are therapies that use horses (equitherapy). The special relationship that can be installed between the child and the equine may fill an emotional lack and help him feel better about himself. So early he begin to ride foal better it is for him.

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