What to do to learn the character of a new horse ?

Riding is a practice that has been raging since antiquity. These very basic attractions have evolved from ancient times to give this practice that we see today. Of course, when we taste once equestrian activity, we become passionate which inevitably will lead to the acquisition of a horse. Naturally, that will constraints are going to treatment and care will be rigorously thereafter. Among these constraints, there is the fact to know a new horse especially at the level of its characters. This understanding will subsequently better care.

Knowing the horse

Once we adopt a new horse, it will take into his head that he will be different from before. It will be important to observe the behavior of this new horse carefully when working against the demands that will require it. The study of horses at the relationships between them to pasture will also be a good observation factor. Clearly, a horse that used to dominate the pasture should not be treated the same way as other subject. In this case, it will be important to be more prescriptive and more rigid with the first while with the second type, it is sufficient to use tact. If the equine bought is already an adult, it will also consider its history to better adopt thereafter. Once this is taken into account, the horse will undoubtedly confide to her owner with gestures that will decipher.

Feel the horse and lead

You should know that there are attractions that should not be underestimated when buying a horse with professional like The choice is a gelding or a mare, you should know that mares have very bad characters in hot weather and geldings do not stand facing a horny mare next. It will be important to follow this level. Thereafter, it will be important to know how to manage or enforce compliance with the animal. To this, there are the basics that must be taken into account as the saddle position, opening guides, supporting leg, weight transfer, the lightness of hands in the mouth and the importance of the gentle movements. To enforce the horse, it will be important to have confidence and above all to enjoy knowledge and experience necessary. It will take that jumper is equally strong and clear in his demands.

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