How to prepare your horse for a concours ?

The equestrian competitions are real gems for enthusiasts. Of course, specific preparations will need to be made at the level of the horse before it can claim to do compete. These preparations will need to be well based as they will also guarantee the success or failure of the horse in the competition. It will also be important to note that this preparation will be done well before the competition.

Specialization and harness

Be aware that a horse may compete from the age of 3 years. At this age, it will be important to specialize in a type of riding sets. Clearly, classical riding is a type of competition where the horse will participate in speed races, cross-country, show jumping or simply dressage competitions. The Western riding, by cons, is for horses competing for the barrel racing, the cutting, reining, western pleasure of the trail or in class. Of course, it will be possible to change the specialty of a horse up to its 5 years.

On the harness, it will once the horse specialized in a specific riding. It will later find it adequate Equipment such as horseshoes, bridle and a saddle adapted to the specialty. The cwd used saddles will be a good alternative against the choice of this saddle. Of course, this equipment easily find online with different quality levels.

The pre-training and training

For the equine animal is ready for the big day of competition, it is important to give her a suitable training. Of course, before this training, it is important to play with. This will be for his own good and act beneficially on his future career. Clearly, playing with him between eight months and 18 months will increase its genetic potential. Needless to say also that this game will act on its balance and morale.

Concerning training in itself, it may be noted six areas of expertise ie stamina, speed, dressage, gallop, trot or jumping. Obviously, the maximum powers of the horse will be determined by his race and his ancestors. To best develop these skills so it will be important to him to ride the train and do compete. It goes without saying that the quality of the lectures will determine the rate of gain of competence.

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